Marcia Hole


Edmonton Public School Trustee

I believe in the power of education to transform lives and build strong vibrant communities.

Hello!! and thanks for taking a moment to stop by my website.

I'm an educator, school council leader, former teacher and a parent.

While I'm new to politics, my professional and volunteer work has been dedicated to the field of education for more than 25 years. I hope to be able to use my experience and passion to advocate for the needs of the students, families and staff of Edmonton Public Schools.

"I'm happy to support Marcia Hole. Her compassion, experience as an educator and provincial school council leader, and her fighting spirit will make her an excellent Trustee".

Shelagh Dunn | Ward C Trustee | 2017-present

About me

What I bring to the role

I feel very fortunate to make my home here on Treaty Six Territory. My husband Jim and I have lived in Ward C for twenty-four years; it's been a great place to raise our family.

We have had the privilege of choosing from a wide range of educational options available through Edmonton Public Schools. Both of our kids found programs that suited their needs and interests at great schools in the neighbourhood; the older is now studying at the University of Alberta and the younger will continue with EPSB in the fall of 2021. Having a child currently enrolled with Edmonton Public means I am well acquainted with, and invested in, the issues that concern students, parents, educators and communities.

As a former teacher, I saw first-hand the positive impact parental involvement has on student engagement and academic outcomes. When my children started school, I was excited to contribute to the school community. Eighteen years ago I began volunteering on school councils and their partner fundraising associations, and I continue to serve on the council at my son's school. Seeing the important contributions of school councils has made me a strong advocate for parent voice and community engagement in our schools.

In my professional life, I am an instructor with the Alberta School Councils' Association. I collaborate with school divisions delivering workshops to parents, teachers, administrators, school councils and trustees across the province. Helping empower families, communities and school councils with their advocacy and inclusion work has been incredibly rewarding.


"I have known Marcia for 20 years, since our daughters became friends in preschool. She's been a consistent, dedicated and engaged member the school community throughout that entire time. There is no doubt in my mind that she cares about education. She will be a great advocate for parents, teachers and students. Marcia has all the qualities I would like to see in a trustee: she is thoughtful, intelligent, insightful and courageous. Marcia also has the ability to listen and consider different perspectives and learn from the experiences of others. I wholeheartedly endorse Marcia Hole for the role as trustee".

Sue Huff | Ward C Trustee 2007-2009

"As a parent with a student in the public school system, I couldn’t have asked for a better support than Marcia. We first connected when she ran a training session for our school council. When it came to concerns around inclusion, parental resources and practical action plans for change, she showed up for our school council and for me as an individual. Her experience and wisdom are an invaluable addition to everyone she works with, and leaves places significantly better than when she came in. She is available, honest, open, and passionate about education. I fully endorse her for Ward C Trustee, and can’t imagine a better suited candidate".

Patricia Olson | School Council Parent


"Public Education is the cornerstone of democracy and elected school trustees are the safe guard for keeping that foundation strong.

Marcia's experience facilitating workshops for School Divisions across the province to build strong supportive school communities - focused on meeting the educational needs of every child - sets her apart as a candidate. She knows first hand that every school is unique and understands the critical role trustees play in securing the necessary resources and supports each and every public school needs to thrive.

AND she has the skills and experience to bring a community of teachers, staff, students, parents and community together so that they may voice their views about what's happening in their schools - and in public education more broadly - and turn those voices into action and policy. These are the essential skills of a trustee! That's why I'm supporting Marcia Hole as my choice for public school trustee for Ward C and I hope you do too."

Lynn Odynski | Trustee Ward C, 2001 - 2004