Role of a Trustee

On Monday, October 18, 2021 Edmontonians will go to the polls to elect a Mayor, City Council and Trustees for both the Catholic and Public School Divisions.

At the polling station voters will be asked which School Division they support and will be given the appropriate ballot. Electors will vote for a Trustee based on the ward in which they live, not the ward where their children attend school.

Why should I vote for a Trustee?

The nine individuals who are elected as trustees for Edmonton Public School Division act together as the Board of Trustees; they engage in a collaborative process where they oversee a budget of $1.2 billion to ensure that 103, 000 students in more than 200 schools receive a quality education that reflects the values of our society.

Electing a trustee who represents your values means you become part of the process that shapes how, what and where our children learn about themselves, our society and the world as they acquire the skills they need to create our future.

What does a trustee do?

The most important role of a trustee is to become the bridge between students, families, staff, the community, and the school division. It is essential for trustees to:

  • listen to the concerns and perspectives of these diverse stakeholder voices to understand their needs and priorities

  • share information they gather with the board and the division's administration for consideration prior to making decisions

  • advocate for the needs of students, families and staff

While trustees are elected by ward and are tasked with seeking and representing the voice of their constituents, the decisions they make are based on what best suits the needs and priorities of all students across the entire Division.

More about the Board of Trustees and their responsibilities.

Edmonton Public Schools' Board of Trustees is made up of nine elected officials from wards which are identified by the letters 'A' through 'I'. These wards differ from city wards which were recently given new names in a variety of Indigenous languages.

Edmonton Public Schools has new ward boundaries for the 2021 election. Ward maps can be found here.

Responsibilities of the board include:

  • maintaining a focus on the needs and wellbeing of students and staff

  • creating and enforcing the policies which guide and shape the work of the administration and employees

  • ensuring the education being delivered follows sound educational practice and achieves provincial education standards

  • planning, setting goals, determining priorities and communicating on behalf of the division

  • lobbying to and/or collaborating with other levels of government for the resources needed to deliver all students with a quality education.