My priorities stem from my belief that our best work begins by building relationships rooted in respect.

All of our children have the right to a quality education.

When we create schools where they feel valued and supported, we give them the ability to dream and succeed.

I am committed to creating safe, welcoming, inclusive learning environments.

As your trustee I will work to:

  • Enhance community engagement

  • Support students and staff

  • Strengthen and celebrate our diversity

  • Advocate for public education and a curriculum rewrite


Building relationships rooted in respect

Enhancing community engagement.

I will listen to students, parents, staff and communities and represent their voice in the decisions of the board.

Working with diverse groups of parents, educators and communities across the province has taught me so much. While each group is unique, I am continually reminded that the hope we hold for our childrens' futures is universal.

Supporting students and staff.

I will work to ensure our students and staff have the resources, training and supports they need including:

  • continued Covid-19 safety protocols

  • mental health promotion, programs and training

  • early learning interventions for students with complex learning needs

One of the greatest assets of any society is the diversity of its citizens and the range of perspectives, experience and knowledge they are able to contribute.

Public Schools are legislated to accept every student who wishes to enrol; this ensures that our schools reflect the diversity and the immense potential within our community.


"One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world." Malala Yousafzai


"I had the privilege of working with Marcia as volunteers at Westmount Junior High.

Her understanding of the education system is matched with her dedication to empowering the families she serves: whether its on school council, as a professional in the field, or as a parent fundraiser.

She is warm, empathetic, fair, level-headed, and approachable. Everything I want in my Ward C Trustee."

Shauna Gibbons | School Council Chair Founder of To Seek Justice

Strengthening our diversity.

This important work starts by removing barriers to equitable access and listening to diverse communities.

I will work to create safe and inclusive schools that respect the abilities, culture, income, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity of ALL students and staff by:

  • advancing equity and anti-racism

  • honouring the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action

  • collaborating with underrepresented students, families and communities

As your trustee I will advocate for:

  • adequate, predictable and sustainable funding for PUBLIC education

  • a curriculum rewrite that:

    • respects Alberta's diversity and history

    • is age and developmentally appropriate

    • is created by education experts through open, transparent, ROBUST consultation with parents, communities and practicing teachers