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"I am pleased to share my support of Marcia Hole, candidate for EPSB School Trustee in Ward C. I enjoyed working alongside Marcia at many school based events, and collaborating with her while volunteering with school council and various parent groups at our kids' school. What I appreciate most is Marcia's commitment to inclusivity within every event or project she is involved with. I am eager to see how her passion for public education, and her dedication to our students, will translate in her role as trustee."

Tobi Moore

"I've seen Marcia in action as a volunteer and an educator for many years. I am always impressed at her passion for supporting students, teachers and public schools. She is always willing to listen and learn, and can be counted on to bring compassion and thoughtfulness to every discussion. She is exactly what we need for our next public school trustee!"

Tara Hogue Harris